Alembic 6,00 L. Long Column (copper sieve, 115/230V electric plate)

Alembic 6,00 L. Long Column (copper sieve, 115/230V electric plate)

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This long column unit functions as a normal alembic still to obtain eau-de-vie and other alcoholic spirits or hydrolats (floral water). It may also be used to add different flavours to already distilled eau-de-vie by using the copper sieve which can be inserted at the bottom of the column. By running a batch of eau-de-vie through this alembic you may add aroma and different flavourings. Place a few oak wood chips in the column and you will obtain the colouring and aroma of an aged eau-de-vie, or zest it up with different fruits, berries, herbs or spices. The process is very simple. 
You may also obtain essential oils in this alembic through steam distillation as the organic material does not come in direct contact with the water but is distilled with steam. Copper sieve is held in place by 4 indents in the copper wall
Complete Set Includes: 
- copper pot with approx. 6 litre capacity
- copper column lid which acts as a vapour chamber
- interior copper sieve plate for steam distillation process
- copper bucket with condensing coil equipped with water inlet and outlet tube
- brass locking / unlocking union
- 1200 W "Made in Germany" electric plate with an infinitively variable temperature regulator 110/230 V - CE mark of approval
- copper cup
- black metal structure 
- wood base
By default the electric plates are set to 230 V, please set to the correct voltage for your country. Use the voltage selector on the underside of the electric plate to set the voltage to 110V if required.
Although the copper pot resembles a riveted union construction it has been soldered with silver guaranteeing perfect impermeability. Distillation may be processed directly on the wood base if desired.
This appliance includes a 0-110º C glass Mercury Free thermometer that is placed on the lid with a silicone rubber bung. It is important to have an accurate temperature reading while distilling.

Assembled Dimensions: H-590mm x L-520mm x W-270mm 
Material: copper
Thickness: 1,1mm
Varnish Treatment: No
Net Weight: 5,5 kg

This product is crafted by hand and as such real dimensions and capacities may vary slightly from those listed here.

Alcohol not included.