Small Distillation Units

Small Distilling Units

These completely functional small distilling units come on a wood base and may include a candle with burner, alcohol burner or electric plate, depending the on model. Sizes range from 0,7 to 2,5 Litres and are ideal for those who would like to experiment the art of distillation. They are very practical due to their very compact size and may be used for distilling wines, for making liqueurs, Gin and for distilling floral waters. Some models come with a copper sieve basket. Different fruits, anise, wood, spices, herbs etc, are placed in this basket to add flavour to the distillate. 
(Complete distilling units with alcohol burner or electric plate are totally functional on wood
base. Units with tea light burner should be removed from wood base and placed on an
appropriate heat source)

TREATMENT: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances. These substances, which are inherent to copper, are deposited after the still has not been in use for a relatively long period of time.
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