2.5L Long Column Still
2.5L Long Column Still

2.5L Long Column Still

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A very versatile distilling unit for beginners or those who have taken up distilling as a hobby. This vessel is still quite compact in size but allows the distiller to obtain a substantially larger amount of distillate in comparison to the 0,7 litre units. Like the other models this still is assembled on a wood base and comes complete with a 500 W electric plate so no additional hardware is required. This model also comes with a rapid locking/unlocking system between the swan neck lid and the condensing recipient.
Complete Set Includes:
- copper pot 
- copper swan neck lid (concave shape)

- Temperature Gauge
- rapid brass locking/unlocking attachment between swan neck lid and condensing recipient 
- copper water recipient with condensing coil
- water inlet and outlet tubing on condensing recipient 
- 500W electric plate made in Germany with a variable temperature regulator 110/230V - CE mark of approval
- copper cup
- wood base
By default the electric plates are set to 230 V, please set to the correct voltage for your country. Use the voltage selector on the underside of the electric plate to set the voltage to 110 V if required.

Alcohol not included.