16 L Traditional Pot Still Premium & Gas Burner

16 L Traditional Pot Still Premium & Gas Burner

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Make your own Whisky with this genuine Whisky Still in gleaming Copper. 

Suitable for all styles of distilled spirits including corn whiskies, grain whiskies and sour mash whiskies! This Professional Craft whisky Still is based on the same design principles as many Scotch whisky and Bourbon whisky stills. These include The Famous Grouse, Glengoyne, Old Pulteney, Glenmorangie, Glendronach and Labrot & Graham Woodford Reserve.

It is also a close replica of the stills once commonly used in Scottish homes until the late 18th Century before prohibition. At that time almost every household had one of these for domestic use.

The characteristic features of this Traditional Whisky Still are the onion shaped bulge in the head, (boil-ball) the long tapered column and slightly downwardly inclined Lyne arm. The constriction and expansion of the bulge in the head and the tapered column causes some of the vapour to fall back into the pot, increasing the reflux and lightening the spirit.

This traditional whisky still comes complete with:

  • Solid Copper Pot
  • Onion shaped Copper head with tapered Column
  • Copper Connecting Lyne arm with quick release brass connectors.
  • Copper Condensing recipient with black metal stand
  • 2 metal stands and gas (butane/propane) burner
  • Round Brass case 40º to 110ºC glass thermometer placed at the top of the column for accurate readings of the ascending distillate vapours
  • Copper parrot spout to aid in determining accurate cut-off points.

The use of Copper in the Whisky industry:

Only Copper Stills are ever used in making Premium Scotch and Bourbon Whiskies. Copper plays an essential role in Scotch Whisky making. It adds character and sweetens the distillate whereas stainless steel distillates are often flat and insipid.
Further, Copper removes sulphur compounds from the distillate present in the grains that would otherwise remain in the distillate.

There is no other craft still on the market that matches our whisky still for authenticity and the seductive beauty of its curves.

Treatment: A first cleaning distillation is essential to clean impurities and other unwanted substances.  These substances, which are inherent to copper, are deposited after the still has not been in use for a relatively long period of time.

Height X Length X Width (Mm)900 mm x 750 mm x 330 mm

Thickness1.1 mm

MaterialCopper & Brass Handles